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 Blood Moon Rising (2009) --> Horror

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Blood Moon Rising is an amazing independent film set somewhere in California. The year is 1969. An ancient curse has spilled over into the world of the ordinary living, with werewolves, vampires, and zombies shedding bucketloads of blood. In short, Tristan (our vampire) is not a bad guy despite his undead status, and he was in love with a girl named Lucy. Tristan’s former wife, the daughter of the Devil, doesn’t take the news of Tristan’s love affair with Lucy very well, and she curses Lucy to become a ravenous werewolf roaming the Earth for all eternity…that is, unless a silver bullet pierces her heart and kills her. Lucy’s death brings the daughter of the Devil back from Hell. She returns not just for revenge but to find a talisman, which, together with a book bound in human flesh and inked in blood (yes, a bit like Evil Dead in that regard, I know) that, if finished by the hand of an unwilling virgin, will unleash Hell on Earth. So, it is up to a hippie chick, Sadie Hawkins, and a comic book reading soda Jerk, Darrel Lee, to save the world, but not without alittle help from a group of indie film reject shooting a zombie flick in a town called Desolation.

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Blood Moon Rising (2009) --> Horror
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